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How can you help?

Our community fundraising campaign has proved to be a real success story, we started last year with the SO45 Draw which raised over £4,000 and this spring with our £20 Challenge raising over £5,000 in just twenty days of frenetic activity in March. Other events followed hot on the heels in April with great support from the local community. Quiz nights at Hobbits in Hythe and the Turf Cutters Arms in East Bolder proved popular and great fun. Our stall at the Hythe Marina boat jumble raised over £300 and the Waterside Stompers line dancers also raised £300 for our campaign.

There will be more fundraising events and activities during the summer and for more information contact us via our contact page.

We're always looking for volunteers to help run the Association or assist at various events, so if you have time or special skills, we'd love to meet you!