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Currently (Oct 2020), Blue Funnel Ferries Limited (BFF) owns almost all of the assets of the Pier. BFF has given one train carriage to HPHA which is being restored. It was widely reported that BFF had given all of the Pier assets to HPHA in early 2019, but this did not occur.

The Blue Funnel takeover has secured the immediate future, so we can say that the threat of closure has been lifted. The long term success of the ferry is dependent upon an increase in the number of passengers. The future of the historic pier, its train and the structures and buildings will be dependent upon the success of Blue Funnel in conjunction with support given by HPHA.

For this information you will need to consult the Hythe Ferry website owned by Blue Funnel. Please click below:

Hythe Ferry Website

HPHA has been established as the organisation that can work on behalf of the community and wider public to secure the long term future of the Pier Train, Buildings and associated structures. We will focus on two key objectives, these form our Mission Statement and are as follows

1) To preserve and protect the pier, the train and the associated structures from further deterioration.

2) To celebrate and share the history and heritage of the pier, the train, and the ferry with the community and the wider public.

The purpose of the HPHA is to develop plans and organise activities, raise funds and secure grants to deliver these objectives.

Hythe Pier Heritage Association is registered as a Charitable Community Benefit Society (No: 7708). The Society is owned by the community with anyone able to become a member of HPHA by payment of a membership fee. HPHA is led by a board of directors and several working groups.

In building our organisation we have incur some legal costs and costs from other experts, including reviews of the structure and integrity of the pier. We have started small restoration and renovation projects in advance of the main restoration which have been funded by public donations.

In the first instance please come to this web site ( where you will be able to get up to date information and find out what is happening plus other useful links related to our campaign and activities.

We are on twitter so check out our twitter feed @HythePierHA

We also run our facebook page which is HythePierHA where we post regular updates and information about the group and what we are doing in the community and further afield.

If you have a specific question or issue and you want to talk to us please check our contact page, just send us a message and someone will get back to you.