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About the Hythe Pier Heritage Association

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During autumn 2016 when the current owner, White Horse Ferries announced that the Hythe ferry was no longer a commercially viable business, a public petition quickly attracted thousands of signatures and an action group formed on social media highlighted strong support within the community to save both the pier and historic train transport link.

From this, a group of volunteers formed the Hythe Pier Heritage Association (HPHA) with the aim to set up a new charity to attract the grant funding required to preserve and develop the pier as a unique part of local heritage, to be enjoyed by local people and visitors to the village of Hythe.

The group has now made its initial submission to the Charities Commission and is working on the details required to support the application. Chairman of the association, Peter King, said: "We are a new group and still in the early stages of development for this project. The pier, train and ferry have been part of Hythe for a long time and the recent period of uncertainty has been unsettling for everyone. However, if we work together as a community and support each other, then we can make a real difference and help to secure the future".

We believe that a process of change is now underway and we want to ensure that we are ready to work with a new ferry operator. "In order to do this we need your help and support for our community fundraising activities, and we need more people to come forward and join our working group. There is a great deal of work to be undertaken in connection with this project".