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Well what fun we had organising our Rock the Pier event for you last Saturday. We hope that you enjoyed it as much as we did. It was such a joy for us to see so many of you down at the Pier.

The weather was kind to us too, maybe a little to kind, it did get very warm in the afternoon. Never the less we got through the day without incident and over all I think we can say it was a super day.

Rock the Pier proved to be our biggest event yet and your support was just amazing. We are really grateful for this and can confirm we raised £5,000 which will provide another significant boost to our fundraising total. This will make a real difference and enable us to move forward with further preparatory work as we prepare for the start of the restoration project we are planning.

During the last three months we have made real progress with our preparation. Our office at the Grove is set up now ready for occupation. We will soon be inviting applications for the role of project development coordinator. This will be a pivotal role that will provide us with a full-time presence to drive the project forward and support the coordination of the community engagement.

Cheque presented to the HPHA by Waitrose on the Pier

Recent grants from Waitrose and The Bright Ideas Community Fund have further underlined the growing recognition of this campaign and we expect to see further developments in the coming months.

We now have an opportunity to create something different, together we can create a vibrant facility that benefit the community and the wider public.

Whether you visited just once, have just moved to the area or have been here all of your life you will have your own personal connection to this piece of our heritage and history.

My own connection is a life long one. I know that a walk on the pier, a ride on the train or a trip across on the ferry always lifts my spirits and makes my life just a little bit better.

Saturday was another day in our journey and we hope that you will be inspired to help us turn this opportunity into a reality. Thank you to all of you for your help and support.

We can do it, you can do it, so let us do it.

Together We Can

Peter King
Hythe Pier Heritage Association