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28th August, 2017

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Well another month has flown by and so it seemed like a good moment to bring you up to date with our progress on the project.

The highlight of the last few weeks must surely be the Walk the Planks event on Saturday the 19th of August. This was the first event we had organised on the pier and the culmination of a great deal of work, masterminded by our fundraising champion Viv Carter. Without her efforts this day would simply not have happened. From a simple idea she galvanised and coordinated an outstanding day full of activities on the pier, and with the support of our amazing volunteers together with all the groups and individuals who entertained and supported us, I hope you will agree that this was a real success,

The response from you was incredible, and we were overwhelmed by the sheer number who came to Walk the Planks to Save the Pier. It was great to see all the young families who came along with a super parade of pirates walking the planks.

The first and primary objective was to encourage people to visit the pier, we wanted to provide an opportunity and create a reason for people to think of the pier as a destination. The long term aim will be to make the pier a vibrant and interesting place to be.

I don't know about you but I think that on the 19th of August we achieved our primary objective.

The bonus for our campaign is that through your generosity and support we raised £2750 on the day which was in itself a fantastic achievement and is a great boost to our community fundraising total. We have expressed our own thanks to all those who played a part in creating the day. Suffice to say whether you were a volunteer, a performer or helped in any way or attended and came to Walk the Planks, or perhaps you just happened to be in Hythe and came up to the entrance to the pier to see what was happening THANK YOU for your support and for making this such a special day.

Sticking with fundraising we were absolutely delighted to receive a cheque for £3,500, donated by Michael and Donna Osman from SO45 Online, which represented half the money raised at their Dibden golf course back in July. Our thanks to all involved with this and who supported that particular event.

We also received a presentation by Exxon Mobil when Alison Jones handed over a cheque for £500 in recognition of the personal commitment made by Viv Carter to this campaign. I cannot think of a more fitting tribute - Viv is a brilliant community fundraiser who has given a huge amount of her time to this project. She is modest and never seeks any personal recognition and I want to put that right. She is an inspiration, her enthusiasm is infectious and her commitment total. I am sure you will join me in thanking her for everything she has done so far.

The really great news is that we have passed our first fundraising target with over £20,000 raised. In a little over eight months that is a wonderful achievement and testament to the strength of support in this community. Together we are building strong foundations for this project and the funds you have provided so generously will give us the means to take the next steps on our journey to secure the future for the pier.


This coming week we will be meeting Helen Melia, a specialist advisor who will be helping us to look at the Community Benefit Society model. This has been recommended to us and we are excited to see how this can provide the legal framework for the project. We will update you again following our meeting when we hope to have a detailed plan for the future.


Hythe Pier Survey by HPHA

Apology for lifting this line from a Facebook comment we noticed last week, all joking aside I am pleased to confirm that the inspection and assessment of the pier that we commissioned with the locally based marine consultants Ramboll has now been completed and we are looking forward to receiving the report. Whatever the outcome it will provide us with a good idea of the condition of the pier and give us the information we need to plan the works necessary to protect and redevelop the structure, the building and facilities for the benefit of us all.

A big thank you to Ramboll for supporting this initiative and to Blue Funnel for facilitating the access to allow the survey.


We have two forthcoming events for your diary. The first promises to be a night to let your hair down with a 70's disco at the Royal British Legion in Blackfield on the 14th October. Our fundraising team are already planning a great night with all your favourite tracks so look out your platform shoes and your glam rock gear! Tickets will be available shortly so watch out on our Facebook page and the website for more information.

The second event will be towards the end of October when we hope to have our next event on the pier. This time we will be focussing attention towards the pier train locomotives which are one hundred years old this year! We don't intend to let this centenary pass without a suitable celebration. This will be the start of our five year project to "keep the train on the rails" culminating in the centenary celebrations of one hundred years' continuous operation of Hythe Pier Train. In October, during the half terms week, we will be inviting everyone to come and see these famous electric locomotives and learn a little more about how they came to be here and why they really are a little piece of living history. We will publish more details on this in the near future.


I am pleased to confirm that we will be taking up residence in our new office at The Grove from September 1st. This will give us a permanent base right in the heart of the village and provide the base from which we can grow and develop the project.

I can only say that I am immensely proud of what has been achieved in such a short space of time. The pier, the train, and the ferry are an integral part of Hythe. With Blue Funnel and Lee Rayment at the helm the ferry has a secure future and we have a willing partner, someone with whom we can do business.

With your continued support the pier can become a destination, a vibrant facility that can provide public benefit for all.

To celebrate and share the history and heritage
To protect and preserve the pier from further deterioration
To restore and redevelop the pier to create a vibrant facility for public benefit

Together We Can.

Peter King
Hythe Pier Heritage Association

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