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What a wonderful Bank holiday weekend we have to enjoy, it is such a joy to see the sun shining and say that spring has finally sprung.

We have been busy and on Thursday May 3rd we held our inaugural meeting at the Parish hall. Here we adopted a number of important resolutions to ensure we can move forward with the project planning process.

We nominated and approved the appointment of a governing board of members who will take responsibility to run the Society for the first year. In the coming weeks we will invite each of our eight board members to publish a short biography which we will post on our web site.

HPHA Members Voting We also gained approval from the members to commence formal negotiations with Blue Funnel Ferries to reach an agreement that will allow us to start the project proper in 2019. We will be aiming to have a framework in place by the summer and then appoint solicitors to draw up the detailed agreement during the Autumn.

We also gained approval to begin work later this year to prepare a community share offer to give you the opportunity to invest and take a stake in the future. The concept of community shares is something unique to the Community Benefits Society model and we are really excited about the prospect of achieving wider share ownership of the project. More information on this later in the year.

Following completion of the formal business we enjoyed a quick cuppa before Matt Stone gave an update on the business ideas development plan, we are now engaged in testing potential business ideas as part of our business planning. The key issue is sustainability, this is a long term community project so to ensure that it is successful we have to demonstrate that whatever we provide and develop on the Pier will work and make a positive contribution to the future. This is a community project and so if you have ideas and want to help and support then please get in touch.

We also set out a draft project timetable covering the initial five year project to protect and preserve, restore and redevelop the pier, the train and the associated structures and buildings. This will be refined during the coming months as we firm up the ideas and all of the works necessary.

Some of you may have noticed that this month we are nominated by Waitrose in their Community Matters campaign to support our pier entrance facelift which we also discussed at our inaugural meeting. This is a joint venture working in collaboration with Blue Funnel to undertake some simple but much needed improvements around the entrance. We are thrilled and excited that Waitrose are supporting our efforts and hope that if you have an opportunity you will join in to fill our container with those all important green tokens. The support and collaboration with businesses and organisations in Hythe and the surrounding area is most welcome and we hope that this will develop into long term partnerships.

Side of the Ticket Office The Main Station Entrance The view from the Pier

The facelift will change the face of the entrance and present a more appealing look as we prepare for the project proper. You can also get involved as this is a hands on project so if you have some time to spare over the next couple of months. and you have some DIY skills then please get in touch.

In the coming months we will be working hard to build our plans and develop our organisation. There is a great deal of work to be done to ensure we are ready to begin this exciting community project in 2019. We have a wonderful; opportunity to create a vibrant community facility that will secure the long term future of our pier. Together we will celebrate and share the heritage and history of the pier, train and ferry.

The Hythe Pier Railway is a unique piece of living history and the restoration of this will be a central part of our plans. We have an opportunity to protect and retain the skills necessary to restore and maintain this wonderful piece of engineering.

The buildings and structures at the end of the pier offer further opportunities and we will be looking at the feasibility of providing services to create new amenities here.

So now is the time, now is the moment to get involved and be part of the future, let us make 2018 the Year of the Pier.

Together we can.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend

Peter King.
Hythe Pier Heritage Association